Mirotic Tuesday


It’s a slow day at the office and I just got busted watching some TVXQ.  I guess if I am going to go down the road leading to potential pink slip land and/or probation, it might as well be doing something fun, right?

You know I have a weakness for Junsu as is obvious from my previous post on him so I am always happy to take a moment during my day to pause and listen to him sing and watch him dance.  This morning I was on a Mirotic bender.  Oh yes, I pulled up a series of live videos, fancams, and otherwise of this single song because I just needed a hit of the glory days that were TVXQ, all five of them together, working their vocal splendor singing what could clearly be described as their anthem.  I also happen to love Junsu’s various parts throughout the song and I am probably going to incite some riotous behavior when I say that he is the best dancer among the five. *ducks from various objects being launched at my head*  I do love to watch him work it during this one, however.

As is natural for this fangirl, my Rain-dar is always honed and ready to pick up his signal wherever he may potentially be or has been previously. This live performance of Mirotic includes an audience pan wherein the camera finds and pauses on Rain not once, but twice (the 1:50 and 3:27 marks, respectively)!  The performance itself is rousing and good (with the exception of the censors demanding ‘skin’ be changed to ‘sky’- you will see what I mean) and Junsu brings it…like always!  Yes, this was part of my Tuesday Mirotic bender this morning and to my delight…gave me a Rain hit to boot!

Not a bad way to usher in the second day of the week. ^.^

[Picture credit:  birdname.se] [Video credit:  ai hooi lee]


    • Michele says:

      OMG…that literally made me LOL!! I love this performance too and I get some Rain – it’s brief, but there he is looking all sharp in his black suit and shimmery tie. It is an infectious song – as Rain and your Shinee boys clearly show, you cannot help but groove along!

  1. Cloud USA says:

    I’ve always loved this video because TVXQ was so on point, Rain was looking fine, and you can clearly see how much Rain appreciates a doggone good performance. It also reminds me of when Rain was performing at the 2008 Golden Disk Awards, and Yunho was shown in the audience completely grooving to Rain’s beat. They’ve both admired each others’ performances over the years, and probably taken a few notes from each other here and there, haha.

    Seeing them both on the same stage would probably put me in the hospital. LOL! Talk about being on top of your game — it doesn’t get better than those two, IMHO. 🙂

    Stephe ^@@^

    • Michele says:

      I love it when TVXQ is performing at some awards program and they pan to the crowd and most everyone is clearly feeling it, up on their feet and singing along – a true testament to their appeal and talent. And doesn’t Rain look completely delicious sitting there grooving? OMG…so fine, indeed. I am not sure if I have seen the Golden Disk Awards you mention and would love to see Yunho grooving to Rain!!

      So, it would be Yunho and Rain on the same stage that would take you out, eh? For me it would be Rain and Junsu. I don’t think I could survive that. Yeah, I know I wouldn’t survive that! Or, I would just end up exploding into a shower of fangirl confetti. I’d be willing to take a chance tho..come what may to be able to see those two on the same stage. Indeed, I would. LOL!!

  2. evez says:

    …wow!..this is one of the best performances of TVXQ live…would’t it be great if Rain join the five?…ahhh..that would bring the house down!….from the audience Choi Min-Ho of Shinee looks like wanting to join the group…

    • Michele says:

      I absolutely love this one, too. Jaejoong’s biceps distracted me somewhat until Junsu started to sing and then I became duly fixated and rightly so as he is killing it vocally, as usual, but he is looking so godawful sexy in those black pants and open shirt………! Sometimes Junsu fangirl’s me out more than Rain and that is a pretty amazing feat given my fan girl love for Rain is massive all unto itself!!

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