The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 344

There were many intense scenes played out on the musical stage during 서편제 [Seopyeonje]. The combative battle between stepfather and son during the argumentative 철없는 혈기 [Immature Passion] was particularly explosive. Imagine living day to day under the suffocating control of an abusive father, devastated by the loss of an adoring mother, and longing for the freedom to pursue a happier life. Watching G.O interpret the pain, confusion, and desperation of the tormented Dong Ho was simultaneously harrowing and magnificent; particularly so in the violent argument with an equally angered and volatile Yoo Bong.

If you read the novel from which the musical is adapted, you will notice the never-ending desire of Dong Ho wanting to kill his stepfather, Yoo Bong. The only thing that perhaps prevents him from doing so is his loving sister Song Hwa and music, both of which always seems to bring him solace. Seopyeonje is filled with tragedy, sadness and deeply profound emotion. The battle between stepfather and son hits a climatic point when Yoo Bong exercises his authoritative will upon Dong Ho in an attempt to subdue the immature passion infecting his rebellious son.

I always want to take a moment to comment on G.O’s acting capabilities because I really think he has it in him to pursue more acting roles both on and off the musical stage. The musical stage is always going to be my preference, however, because well…..MUSIC! Seriously though, I think our amazing main vocal man has only scratched the surface of what he is capable of as a sincerely wonderful actor.

Oh my goodness . . . sometimes that scene is particularly hard to watch because the protective mother hen in me hates to see Dong Ho bullied (and so heart-broken). Through the entire musical I was hoping that Dong Ho would find his happiness. As I did not do any extensive research on the story (prior to seeing the musical) and there were no subtitles to guide me, I really had to rely on the actors’ interpretation. They were all brilliant. I felt G.O had a wonderful dynamic opposite both actors who portrayed the rough and abusive Yoo Bong (Yang Joon Mo, as seen in the video above; as well as Seo Bum Seok).

I will never forget Seopyeonje. Nor can I let go the memory of G.O’s magnificent, haunting, and award-winning performance.


[Video cr. 박정희]

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