Waiting For Donghun ~ Celebrating Under 100 Days! (Day 540)

It’s official!!! Donghun has under 100 days remaining in his military service! Since it has been a minute since our last DH Fan-artastic offering, I decided it would be nice to showcase a little Donghun fan art for this countdown day. German artist, Quilianna created a wonderful rendition of DH sipping a glass of wine a la the Under Cover era, and it is simply intoxicating.

I told you it was intoxicating! Quilianna really captures Donghun’s sultry gaze and, even though a bit obliterated, the shape of his lips. You can look at this and say, ‘yes, that is definitely Lee Donghun!’ According to Quilianna’s page on the Deviant Art site, she enjoys doing K-pop portraits. Well I say ~~ well done indeed!

Check out more of Quilanna’s work~~> here.


[Image cr. Quilanna]
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