Waiting For Donghun ~ Happy Birthday Donghun! (Day 524)

Oh my goodness gracious Mr. Lee Donghun is officially 30 years old!!!!! Now I know by some K-pop standards and to some K-pop fans, that pushes him right into ahjeossi-land. But when you are a mature K-pop fan such as yours truly, dirty thirty is prime! Oh, and let me be clear: when I say mature, I mean senior citizen halmoeni-esque mature! So, how shall we celebrate such a momentous occasion on Day 524 and Donghun’s 30th revolution around the sun?! How about an explosion of DH fan cams? It’s his special day, so why not? Let’s go!

First up from the 2021 archives, the M-Countdown performance of Changer on September 9, 2021:

And, another from the 2021 archives, the Inkigayo performance of Higher on July 4, 2021:

Oh my god…this era!!

From the 2020 archives, the M-Countdown performance of Favorite Boys on September 3, 2020:

Oh my god…also this era!

From the 2019 archives, a literal fan cam performance of Under Cover on August 11, 2019:

From the 2018 archives, the Simply K-Pop performance of Take Me Higher on July 13, 2018:

And finally, digging back into the 2017 archives, the Simply K-Pop performance of Cactus on June 16, 2017:

Ahh..that was a nice little retrospective to honor our main vocal birthday boy! I look forward to how this new decade will translate his artistry. Will he explore new genres, not only in music, but in the vast wonderland of entertainment. I have to say that a new music genre I would be interested in him exploring is definitely music theatre. I think he might be pretty incredible. Whatever he does, I hope he does it to his heart’s content.

Happy Birthday Donghun!

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