Waiting For Donghun ~ Celebrating 500 Days! (Day 500)

It is the 500th day of Donghun’s military service!! 5-0-0! Amazing, right? The end of his service is a mere 138 days away ~ we are truly almost there! I don’t know if you would agree, but these 500 days have actually moved rather quickly. Of course for those yearning for all of our A.C.E men to return, I know, I know ~ it’s draaaagggging!! Anyway, for this special marker, I felt like traveling back to 2019 and the Savage era. This was actually the era where I became an official Choice and it was during this era where I first saw A.C.E live on stage in my city! So both the era and the song itself hold special meaning for me personally. That said, A.C.E turned things up a notch with Savage, served up some formidable violence, and our Dong Dong was there every step of the way full of swag, attitude and fire.

Savage was pretty much a rebellious anthem with A.C.E letting the world know that they were here to tear the place up and burn the stage down. And, they were going to do so without hesitation, without looking back and with absolutely no regrets. It could really be an anthem for any K-pop group. That fervent desire to take the industry by storm, make a mark, be adored, loved and remembered burns in all of them. Banger songs like Savage leave a mark and become a song forever associated with the group. I liken it to MBLAQ’s This Is WarWhenever you hear it, you just know who it is!

DH’s vocals are particularly gritty and powerful in Savage and I love it. As always, A.C.E brings equally powerful choreography to the table and by now, you all know how I feel about the group’s dance prowess as well as how much I believe DH is as main dancer as he is main vocal. That’s my story and I am sticking to it. Here is a nice focus cam of Mr. DH getting his savage on during promotions on The Show:

Ok, I know he looks super cute in that fit, but he was still bringing the intensity, power and swag. As tender and gentle as he can be on the ballad front, Donghun can certainly bring the fire. A top tier vocalist can ride all genres on the music spectrum. I suppose that is why we call them main vocals. But you know, as fierce and badass as he is, Donghun is still a precious, squeezable cutie who is yet another day closer to returning to the idol world and his beloved Choice.

Hurry up sweetie, we are waiting!


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