Waiting For Donghun ~ A.C.E 5th Anniversary (Day 243)

We have reached another milestone in the Waiting For Donghun countdown and, in this instance, a rather auspicious day for both A.C.E and Choice. It is Day 243 but today also marks A.C.E’s fifth anniversary. We celebrate with joy, but do so somberly as four of our amazing five are currently on hiatus serving their country. For some reason, it feels right to celebrate with the artistic and moving Jindo Arirang (Prehistory). If you are even a fraction of the history nerd I am, you are no doubt fascinated by A.C.E’s take on this much revered and historically rich and moving Korean folk song.

Arirang is a Korean folk song and Jindo Arirang is one of the many versions of the song, representative of the southwestern region of Jeolla Province (specifically the island located at the most southern tip of the Korean peninsula, Jindo). Steeped in deep history, the song is believed to be more than 600 hundred years old, and has even been used as a resistance anthem. The song, in any variation holds esteemed reverence by Koreans. When I listen to and watch A.C.E’s interpretation of Jindo Arirang, I am moved by its beauty and awed by its sublimity. It is both plaintive and powerful. So to celebrate these five amazing Korean men on the anniversary of their debut, I want to share a couple of their performances of Jindo Arirang (Prehistory).

Moving version:

Fixed version:

It is just so haunting and beautiful. The lyrics vary from version to version but often contain themes of sorrow, separation, reunion and love. And in the Jindo version, the crossing of a mountain pass to reach a beloved. I don’t know what made the group choose this particular version of Arirang but I think it may have been a song both Jun and Wow grew up with as they are both from Jeolla Province with Jun, in particular, from South Jeolla Province where Jindo Arirang originates. For any sageuk fans out there, I have to mention that Jeollo Province is one of the eight historical provinces of the Joseon Dynasty. Makes me wonder if either of our Jeolla princes hail from royal and/or noble families. I am just going to say yes. In fact yes to all five as they are indeed five of the most charming princes I have come to know.

Happy 5th Anniversary to the sweet princes of A.C.E!!



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