Waiting For Donghun ~ Celebrating Under 400 Days!! (Day 240)

You wouldn’t mind if I was a little sneaky with today’s DH One Shot, would you? Because . . . it is another milestone day and I am feeling happy and cheeky! Donghun officially has UNDER 400 DAYS remaining in his service!! And…well, I kind of felt like something playful. I came across a GIF that is indeed playful, only Donghun is not alone. It just so happens that little bias wrecker of a maknae of mine joins him in this GIF and I guess it is just my sneaky way of getting two for the price of one today . . . hehe. Trust me, the cute is worth it, especially if you have a soft spot for Chan which is easily had even if he is not your A.C.E bias. He is without question the A.C.E mood maker and resident happy pill and it is well-documented that even our eldest, Mr. Lee, has a super soft spot for this cheeky maknae. So, if you don’t mind, humor me.

Apart from these aegyo-laced moves, can these two be any more beautiful??? The balance of all of the colors alone are perfection from hair to clothing. Chef’s kiss! If I have said it once, I have said several thousand times, the Siren:Dawn era was LETHAL. An assault on all the senses. It was the full package, too. The music, the concept, the styling, the clothes — everything. I honestly cannot wait until the five of them are all back together for the next comeback because I am sure they will be serving up another death-defying concept with killer music to go along with it. Seriously, the A.C.E style team at Beat Interactive should not go without praise and recognition. Everything is always so on point and visually spectacular. Then again, they do have five stylish men to work with who no doubt make their job easy and a whole lot pleasurable.

Where do I submit my resume??


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