Waiting For Donghun ~ Happy Birthday Donghun! (Day 159)

All milestones along this countdown journey are important but none are more than a birthday!! On this Day 159 of Waiting For Donghun, we celebrate one of two birthdays Donghun will have during the course of his service. I do not think it will thwart celebrations, to be honest, but I will definitely miss the midnight VLive group celebrations that often come with an A.C.E member birthday. For this stop along the way, I want to share a celebratory DH Fan-Artastic work from Italian artist, Erika, who partnered with A.C.E Global back in 2018 to create a banner for Donghun’s birthday. Even though it celebrates a past birthday, it is a delightful art piece all the same.

It is absolutely adorable, is it not? On the Deviantart site where Erika posts her art under the name IperGiratina98, she mentioned she is a huge anime/manga fan as well as a K-pop fan. I was so surprised to see she is also an Imfact stan!!! I am always so tickled to come across IFs in the K-pop stratosphere as the group has stayed on my radar ever since Na Na Na shuffled out for a Playlist Roulette post back in November 2020.

Anyway, her cute homage to celebrate the birth of our charming main vocal is a perfect fit for his 2022 birthday here on the countdown. Do go check out Ericka’s work if you get a chance at IperGiratina98.

And, make sure you send Donghun lots of love and birthday wishes on this, his special day either on  the groups official Twitter and Instagram accounts Official_ACE7, official_a.c.e7, or over at Donghun’s Instagram account bldhue . . . or maybe even all of them!

✨🥳✨💙✨Happy Birthday Dong Dong!✨🥳✨💙✨


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[Image cr. IperGiratina98]

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