Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 98

Okay, first let me collect myself over seeing Donghun in Paris. One of my favorite vocalists in one of my favorite cities. That’s a double bonus! Ok, now that that is out of the way, time to get Day 98 on the books as perhaps one of the more frivolous posts you will see during this countdown. But, I thought it a decent subject to broach even if it is outside of the Donghun’s vocalist realm. It is not, however, out of his fashion and style realm. There was a time when Donghun was updating A.C.E social media accounts with what he called Daily Dong Dong and it was basically him sharing his OOTD (Outfit Of The Day). So cute! Honing one’s fashion sense as a celebrity comes part and parcel with the job and Donghun understands the assignment. For this Dong Dong fashion sense post, I am going to focus on hats and headwear. Be it beanie or beret, bucket or baseball, Donghun wears them all well.

No need to expound, just enjoy the view:

He wears them well, right? I have to admit that I have always been a bit jealous of those who have the perfect bone, face and essential head structure to wear hats. I unfortunately have not been blessed with such and inasmuch as I LOVE hats, I just cannot wear them. Any kind – oh wait, maybe a baseball helmet…lol. Donghun’s face has a shape and structure that is conducive to any style of head wear, even those in the bonus section…hehe. Even though I cannot choose a favorite style, I have a super soft spot for that cheetah print bucket he wore in Paris…because, well, it’s Donghun in a bucket hat, in Paris!!




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