Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 90

I know that I cannot be the only one charmed endlessly by Donghun’s ASMR videos. I have shared a couple thus far and have another gem to drop here on this 90th day of his service. Ninety days — we will soon hit one hundred. Seems like a crawl to get there, but we will make it. Back in April 2020, the official A.C.E YouTube account posted a DH TV (one of my fave networks, by the way) video of a simple talk/conversation themed ASMR session with Mr. Lee. No eating, drinking, or outrageous sounds with this one. Just the calm gentle sounds of Donghun’s voice as he shares his thoughts about everything from songwriting to insomnia.

Hearing Donghun recite A.C.E song lyrics and/or eat jellies while in ASMR mode is extremely entertaining. But there is something extra special about him just chit chatting, sharing his thoughts – almost like a live diary entry. I think one of the reasons I like Donghun so much (and this goes for the whole of A.C.E as well) is how relatable and down to earth he seems to be. I really enjoyed this particular ASMR and Dong Dong’s gentle confidence over being pretty good at the medium. His voice is also quite soothing.

It’s a lengthy video, but well worth the watch:

The entire opening when he confesses that he ASMR-ed for a full 20 minutes sharing an interesting discussion only to find out that the ASMR mic was not recording is pure gold. Especially his, ‘whaaat?

I appreciate that Donghun likes to share how he is feeling and also his struggles. He does not hesitate to remind fans that he is just as human as the rest of us, idol or not. I recall reading that his real focus when it came to entertainment was not so much to be an idol but to be a singer. I personally think he is balancing both amazingly well. I continue to be impressed by how incredibly grounded and focused he is and I absolutely LOVED that he has taken to reading as a means to expand and enhance his lyric-writing capabilities. He lives that personal development importance as much as he speaks about it.

In the mercurial playground that is K-pop, Donghun’s strength and character are what mentors are made of.



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