Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 91

It’s time for another DH One Shot. Whew . . . these sneak up on me so quickly! I guess that means time is moving faster than I imagine which of course is a good thing. I am actually rather excited about hitting the hundred day mark and it would have been so perfect if it landed on Christmas Day, but as it turns out, Day 100 will actually land on New Year’s Eve – what a way to say good-bye to 2021 and ring in a new year, don’t you think? Anyway, let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. Today a one shot GIF of a charming and playful nature because, why not?


I debated over two potential GIF one shots for today and opted for this one because it encompasses the Donghun charm I was looking to share but also comes along with some playful Donghun. Oh, and one of my most favorite things about him as well . . . his smile, especially those darling eye smiles. Charm, playfulness, smiles ~ a trifecta for sure!


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