Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 85

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love coming across moments of my fave artists buried in pre-debut archives. Many of our fave artists have spent a lot more time working their way to stardom that we probably will ever know. If you have been following along this journey thus far, you will have discovered that pre-debut Donghun survived two music competition shows and in the coming days, we may even look at some of his early variety show appearances. But did you know he landed in a fifteen second CF (commercial film) for Korea’s ABC Mart? Neither did I!!! And it is this little pre-debut nugget I share today.

I have no idea when the ABC Mart CF aired and can only guestimate it happened some time after Donghun’s appearance on Superstar K5 for he had joined CJ E&M and as an entertainment agency, it is their job to find their artists work, right? Being a long time fan of actor James Dean, I discovered that even he did CF work prior to becoming a steadily employed actor. Currently, Beat Interactive represents Donghun as a musician where the agency represents Chan, Jun and Byeongkwan as both musicians and actors. So I am thinking, acting (at least at present) is not part of Donghun’s plan. It did not take a whole lot of method for the ABC Mart CF, just a whole lot of enthusiasm. It’s short, sweet and you might even miss him . . . so I added some markers.😜


Hehehehe…..I do admire these playful and humble beginnings. All part of Donghun’s journey that became part of his reel, resume and history. Well done, sir.



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