Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 84

This is not the first time we are going to see a focused cam of Mr. Lee performing Slow Dive among the many offerings of Hunnie Cam posts here on the countdown and it definitely will not be the last. For today, I believe it is number two, not that I am going to keep any steady count, but I just wanted to mention that some songs will definitely make their way into this countdown multiple times, in multiple forms. If a fan frequented many fan signs within a given comeback, it stands to reason there will be a variety of cams of the same songs. The beauty though is that no two performances are alike. And besides, Slow Dive is one of my all time A.C.E favorites so naturally it will worm it’s way into many a posts! Today, from the November 17, 2019 Soundwave Fan Sign, another Slow Dive into the abyss of a Donghun fan cam.


It’s true that once you have fallen for Donghun you are pretty well trapped. To me, he is the perfect yin and yang. He can be cool, aloof, like waxing and waning yin moon energy as well as emotional, sultry and fiery like yang sun energy. He’s a Pisces you know, which makes him a water sign, a sign almost as mercurial as fellow water sign, Scorpio. For some reason, water signs are some of my most favorite people. I find their deep emotional wells very interesting, mysterious and sexy. But what is this astrology tangent? Let’s slowly take the dive with Donghun, shall we?

Do you think he knows how lethal he is? Yeah, probably does and probably revels in it. I mean, if you were him, wouldn’t you, too? I am going to probably keep pointing this out in true broken record form but I cannot help it. Even though Donghun is not the main dancer of the group there is just something so lithe and graceful about his movements. All of A.C.E are skilled dancers but I am going to call it like I see it, Donghun is the most graceful. Movement just flows through him and is powerful, but never harsh. The more I watch him dance and listen to him sing, the more I fall . . . or, maybe I should say, the more I want to dive in.


[Image cr. as tagged; video from Warm Boy. For DH]




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