Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 81

I am always going to jump at the opportunity to share A.C.E’s Take Me Higher because it is one of my all-time favorite feel good K-pop songs. It is a full serving of energy wrapped in joy and the guys always look like they are having so much fun when they perform it. So for today’s Busking Files selection, we travel to the manmade Sebitseom Islets in Seoul’s mighty Han River.

If there is one thing you are going to learn about me during these long haul countdown series is that I have an endless capacity for useless information. That is not to say that said information is not interesting; it’s just that in a series where I am essentially singing the praises of a Korean idol as he serves out his military duties for 638 days, you probably would not expect any additional literature, science, culture or academia in the mix. But, I am a nerd and I do enjoy adding interesting useless information to my posts, when warranted.

So back on November 23, 2019, A.C.E had a little busking party in Seobitseom. Here comes the useless information that is actually quite interesting. Seobitseom, also known as Sebit Islets is a manmade group of islands built in the Han River. But what is so interesting about the islets is that they are made up of three floating islands: Gavit, Chavit and Solvit. Each has it’s own special function. Gavit is the island of performing arts, has a performance hall and a moonlit trail. Chavit is the island of entertainment and has cultural experience activities. And, Solvit is the island of water leisure. How cool is this? Manmade islands created for the arts, culture and leisure. I love it. So it stands to reason that a K-pop group could reasonably hold a performance on the islets then, right?

Absolutely! So here a focused Donghun cam of A.C.E’s busking performance of Take Me Higher:

Donghun just leisurely enjoying himself, sometimes sexy, sometimes cute, always adorable with vocals on point. That’s our Dong Dong!


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