Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 82

A little change going forward with the Waiting For Donghun countdown series. I have been giving this a lot of thought over these past few days and even though it was kind of a difficult decision to make, it feels like the right thing to do.

I decided to end daily updates going forward until Donghun’s discharge. See, I guess I expected occasional check ins from Donghun while he served. You know, spread out and launched by complete surprise. Those occasional updates would be like precious gems, if that makes any sense. The purpose of this countdown was to keep Donghun in the forefront of our minds until he returned, – however, by consistently updating his IG account, Donghun is doing that well enough on his own. Therefore, continuing this countdown series on a daily basis is really no longer necessary.

Here today, I will share Donghun’s two latest IG updates and will continue publishing a post a day until we hit Day 100. After Day 100, I will come back to share milestone victory posts such as when he has under 500, 400, 300 days, etc., remaining, and to commemorate every 100 days completed. Oh and special celebratory days like his birthday and A.C.E’s anniversary, of course! In the meantime, I am going to count on him to stay as consistently in touch as he has been.

From Donghun’s December 11, 2021 Instagram Update in the order posted:

Caption: 한없이 한강가던 시절

Translation: When I used to go to the Han River endlessly

I guess there is simply something about taking a break that allows our minds to rest, dream, wonder and reminisce. It seems our main vocal is perhaps in that space.

From Donghun’s December 12, 2021 Instagram Update:


오랜만에 락커가 되어봤습니다🤟
보이스 튜닝 신곡
임한별,이혁 형님들의 기도🙏🏻
한별 선배님 파트를 해봤는데
또 한번 자극받게 되는 그런 커버였어요
더 열심히 할게요 원장님👊


I became a rocker after a long time🤟
New Voice Tuning song
Lim Hanbyul and Lee Hyuk hyungs’ Prayer🙏🏻
I tried Hanbyul sunbaenim’s part
It was a cover that inspired me again.
I’ll work harder, manager👊

Goodness…🥰 Donghun’s vocals have always impressed me, and dueting himself into this clip is nothing short of amazing. From his earliest days on Superstar K5 and all points in between up until this very moment, Donghun has always been and continues to be an incredibly skilled vocalist. I am certain he will continue to regale us with his incredible voice as these days pass and I promise to lock each and every one of them into future posts on down the line. It would be a crime not to share them!


[Image and video cr. bldhue]

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