Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 77

I really think that the Donghun and Chan combo should definitely look into more OST offerings. I know that Chan has done a few with Byeongkwan but that was primarily with Chan in the main vocal seat and BK rapping. Back on Day 28, we enjoyed a Vocal Magic moment with our eldest and our youngest and their cover of John Legend’s All of Me. Today, we journey back to 2016 and an acoustic version of Jung Seung Hwan’s 너였다면 (If It Were You) from the Another Miss Oh drama OST. And yes, it is dreamy, emotional and perfect. Really, we can expect no less from Messrs. Lee and Kang.

I think I have given all the introduction that is needed. Let’s just listen, shall we?

They are just a couple of harmonizing kings. Again, just perfectly balanced, Donghun and Chan’s voices are a perfect complement to each other. Even before I had a look at the English translation for the song, I could feel the yearning, the sadness, the heartbreak and that is because Donghun and Chan communicate it so very well. I have tried to explain to people who constantly question why I listen to Korean music, or any music in another language outside of English. And, my answer always (ALWAYS) is that music is a language all of its own. It doesn’t matter if I cannot understand the lyrics. If the vocalist is a master at his craft, he/she will tell the story of the song, no matter what the language.  And I will understand, even when I don’t understand the words.

I truly think Donghun and Chan prove my point brilliantly. When Mr. Lee returns I hope he will pair with Chan for future OST work, and often. They will knock it out of the park for real. And, have fun doing it.


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