Waiting For Dongun ~ Day 75

What better way to usher in a Monday than with a sweet Sunday afternoon boyfriend vibe DH One Shot? Something short and sweet, with the emphasis definitely on sweet. A One Shot gif for this 75th day of Donghun’s service.

There is something about the sunshine, the sweatshirt, the heart and the smile that culminate into a perfect boyfriend vibe moment. Everything about Donghun here looks warm, cozy and sweet. Even his fluffy, wavy hair.

I guess I am just crushing a bit.😘 It’s odd because I think if faced with having to talk to any one of the five A.C.E cuties, the one I would be most hesitant and shy to face would be Donghun. Even though he launches these sweet attacks, his strong persona can be intimidating – but absolutely not in a bad way. We have all met those people who radiate a strength and a power that is overwhelming. I think Donghun might fit in that category. They have a special light that shines so bright that we want it to constantly shine upon us. Yeah, Donghun is his very own Vitamin D. Hehehe…I like that!


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