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Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 74

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Well . . . Donghun strikes again! Updating, updating, updating . . . is he even away?? If I have to be honest, I think he is setting a tough precedent here. I mean, this early in his service, he is updating so often that fans will invariably expect it to continue. Nevertheless, he is keeping me on my toes and since this is his first personal, or unique to him only, social media account, he may just be just enjoying this little bit of freedom and control over something that is specifically his.

From his December 4, 2021 Instagram Update:

Caption: @@

Looking pretty fly in that black leather blazer isn’t he? Even though his hair is starting to grow in, I am still loving this shorter length on him and especially here styled back off of his forehead. So chic. Kind of wish he was facing the camera but with the mask on, we wouldn’t get the full effect in any event. Was he out for dinner and drinks after a day’s work? Oh, and if you are inquisitive like me . . . who is the lucky photographer? Do tell, Dong Dong!


[Image cr. bldhue]

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