Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 70

Here we are at Day 70 ~ wow! It is amazing how the days are flying by but even more amazing is that it is now December, the final month of the year, another year that probably had more ups than downs but still, I am thankful to be here to celebrate and to commemorate. Yes, it is Day 70, but this day holds special meaning for me. You see, it is my Choice-versary. Today I celebrate two years with A.C.E having on this day, two years ago, saw them live for the first time along with getting a VIP hi touch following the show. I entered the venue knowing nothing about A.C.E, and left a full-fledged Choice. It was fantastic. Coupled with that December 1, 2019 show was the ushering in of the holiday season. A.C.E embraced the season that evening. To celebrate my Choice-versary, I will share one of my very own videos from the show: Donghun’s jazzy rendition of Winter Wonderland.

I remember that night as if it were yesterday. It was cold and wet – rain mixed with snow, and it seemed as if we waited outside the venue for so long but isn’t that how it always feels when you are dying to see a concert? There was so much excitement and I met so many wonderful Choice that night. The weather may have been unpleasant, but we were all too excited to really notice. Chicago was the first stop on A.C.E’s Under Cover Tour that December. If the guys were nervous, it did not show. We had so much fun. There were many highlights, but the holiday segment was probably one of my favorites. Each member took the stage to sing a holiday song and it was just . . . well, I don’t even have words. I loved every moment of it. Here is Donghun and his Winter Wonderland.

I look back on that night and recall that since I really did not know A.C.E that well, I did not have a bias. After the show and hi touch, I thought I was pretty set favoring the maknae, Chan. And with good reason. He is as friendly and charming as he is talented. But over time Donghun staked his claim while allowing Chan to claim bias wreck status. Really though, it is a difficult thing to have a bias in A.C.E – they are all worthy of the title.


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