Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 52

Ok, I will agree that Donghun in white is quite angelic. And this look is just on point. The beret, the jewels, the overall style, everything. He is just working this fit gloriously. This is how he showed up to an A.C.E fan sign on November 15, 2019. In fact, everyone in the group was a vision in white. If you are not familiar with A.C.E’s Slow Dive, then perhaps a nice introduction will be this focused Donghun cam from the fan sign.

I don’t know if I could have survived (or maintained any modicum of composure) sitting across from Donghun while seeing him look this handsome and adorable; but, if I managed that portion of the fan sign intact, the stage performance of Slow Dive might have pushed my survival instincts past their factory settings. But you know, I am willing to adjust and/or invest in some kind of fangirl survival training program should I ever get the opportunity to attend an actual in person A.C.E fan sign.

At least with a video, we can pause to lessen the onslaught, regroup and continue . . . right?


A.C.E collectively are very powerful dancers. Not only can you visually see the strength, you feel it while watching them dance. But, I think out of the five (and yeah, I KNOW I am biased), Donghun has a little more fluidity that counters the strength and softens it a little. Maybe because physically he is a bit more lithe than the other members. What I mean is, even when he is pushing the power through, there is still a quality of lightness. I am sure as we continue counting the days down here, I will have more examples of how Donghun dances with a power that is laced with grace.

In my biased opinion (oh…my bias is running a bit rampant in this post, isn’t it?), Slow Dive is one of A.C.E’s premier B-sides. It is one of my absolute favorites, and can be found on their third EP, Under Cover: The Mad Squad. Give it another listen, perhaps without the distraction of Donghun’s hips…hehehe.

You can check it out here along with the entire Under Cover: The Mad Squad EP:


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