Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 51

Back in May 2020, XSports News in Korea ran a fantastic article about A.C.E after they attended and performed at the after party following the 2020 Oscar ceremony in Los Angeles. It was an in depth look at the group accompanied by a thoughtful interview along with a gorgeous photoshoot. It is from this shoot that I share a serene capture for this DH One Shot post.

The article/interview covered so much from A.C.E’s humble basement practice room beginnings to the wonderful night at the Oscars. The group discussed life at the dorm, OST projects, and a desire to someday play larger venues. In wrapping up the interview, reporter Kim Miji wanted to know the goals of each member. Here is how Donghun answered:

Personally, I want to become a singer even when I am in my 50s and 60s. I think it is the best to be loved and recognized by a song, and to like the way I sing. You might think I’m lying when I say this, but I think ‘our team hasn’t had a chance yet’. I think it’s a team that can do well and can go up. I am still preparing. I have the will to continue taking on challenges, and I have passion, so I want to rise high someday. A lot of people don’t know right now, but I hope that the team called Ace will be recognized by many people. We want to be recognized for what we have done. As much as Ace poured our passion into it.

I think Donghun and A.C.E are well on their way to the top and beyond. And he can rest assured that his passion fuels not only his members, but fans as well – it’s infectious. He wants A.C.E to do well, but we Choice, well, we want it even more!


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