Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 53

I would totally be on board if Donghun and Sonnet teamed up for a full length album. That is how much I love the way they sound together. Their duet work on the YOLO-OAH live broadcast simply whets the appetite. Back on Day 13, I shared their cover of Shallow, and I am so pleased they collaborated on more than one song for the broadcast and get to share another beautiful cover. This time Alex & Sierra’s Little Do You Know.

There are many reasons why Donghun and Sonnet sound so wonderful together, the bulk of which is that they are both stellar vocalists. But I think the foundation of it lies more in the emotional fortitude they bring to a song. Both are wonderful, masterful even, at texturizing the emotion found in the story of the song. I just love them together and I love their beautiful rendition of Little Do You Know.

My time as a Choice has allowed me to truly appreciate Donghun’s ability to harmonize, adjusting his tone to balance and blend the harmonies so effortlessly. It is a true testament to Donghun’s range as a vocalist. His low tones on the harmonies of both this cover and that of Shallow reverberate to the point where you actually experience the vibration of his voice physically. I really love the quality, texture and tone of Donghun’s voice.

We really need two things to happen expeditiously. First, for COVID to be eradicated so that we can experience all of our favorite artists again live on stage; and second, Donghun to return to A.C.E, and to his adoring Choice.

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