Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 21

How about today we go for a Vocal Magic moment that served as a vocal warm up prior to an actual recording? Instead of breath work, vocal runs or other vocal exercises to prepare the voice to sing, Donghun warms up with Sam Smith’s Too Good at Goodbyes and gives us a lovely vocal magic moment in time.

If you have never given any in depth thought about vocal cords, either your own, or those of a singer, you may not know that they consist of two bands of smooth muscle tissue found in the larynx, or voice box. So our vocal cords are essentially muscles that, like any other muscle in the body, need to warm up to avoid injury. Sam Smith’s soulful Too Good at Goodbyes is not an easy flex, but Donghun’s vocal cords are up to the challenge, even when they are asked to flex in English.

The focus, the feels and the emotion are not after thoughts simply because this was a warm up. Sure it’s a cover song and sure it is being recorded. Warm up, cover or both . . . it’s still pretty impressive. Our main vocal is never going to just phone it in.



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