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On My Screen ~ Dolphin (OnlyOneOf]

So yeah, I have kind of been on a hiatus of sorts I guess. Taking care of family medical situations, navigating the slow return to an upcoming ‘office centric work environment’ and of course, the ever-annoying (mental and spiritual) journey through what seems to be an endless pandemic. Also, been struggling to find my writing mojo. It happens. Amid and in spite of all of that, I have managed to vacation a bit in the after hours vortex of OnlyOneOf. Mind you, this is not an illicit place. No, not at all. It is more of a mature place for mature tastes. And while I can easily choose any one of the incredible tracks that has a corresponding MV from OnlyOneOf’s fantastic discography to share, promote, and essentially gush over, I am opting to go for one that is not even their own. But, that does not mean they don’t own it. Come check out the group’s erogenous cover of Oh My Girl’s Dolphin and have a taste of OnlyOneOf’s special flavor.

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[series] 116 Reasons to Love Byung Hee: #10 ~ Undercover Cover Lover


When you wake one morning and realize all you want to do is sing, you hear music in everything. I have a feeling this is exactly what G.O felt when that realization hit. From that point on, he most likely became an ardent student of music. And although it was no doubt he was hearing his own compositions in his head and perhaps keeping a journal of poetry that would transform into lyrics, the first songs he sang were probably the songs of other artists. For G.O, I suspect the songs he sang in those early days were his guide and his lessons, and the artists themselves, his mentors and his teachers. It is no wonder then he would ultimately pay homage to them by covering those songs that guided him to become the incredible vocalist he is today. The beauty of his education, however, is that he did not limit himself to the songs of Korean artists. His deep respect for music (all music) and his choice to cover many songs that were sung in a language foreign to him (English) are valid and honorable reasons to continue to love this amazing man.

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