Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 22

It’s a good thing there were five doctors in the house for A.C.E’s July 12, 2019 fan sign at Arc.N.Book Bookstore in Seoul because I am sure there were multiple cases of racing heartbeats and uncontrollable heart flutter in the building that day. Paging Dr. Lee, Dr. Park, Drs. Kim and Dr. Kang! Seriously, what a cute concept, even when coupled with the explosive choreography of Under Cover, which is my Hunnie Cam offering today. Bring your smelling salts…hehe.

If you have been following A.C.E for the past couple of years, you will know that Under Cover was…no, not was, is one of their most powerful title tracks. It was my A.C.E gateway song. And what a heck of song to be introduced with. I recall feeling the same sense of wow hearing it (and watching the MV) as I did when I was first intro-ed to MBLAQ with Cry. I remember telling a friend that I was going to go see them live knowing nothing about them and I remember she said something to the effect that she hoped they were not going to end up being a cookie cutter K-pop group. They weren’t and are not. Even though Under Cover is not a self-produced track, the song, choreography and concept showed that A.C.E was capable (more than capable) to handle something edgy, loud and rock-oriented. But my goodness, who thought to put them in lab coats at the Arc.N.Book fan sign and let them get in annihilation mode when doctors are supposed to be heroes . . . er, wait, 💡~~ I get it, now.

Oh but they are clever. Of course they are in lab coats representing one of the many heroes in the medical field. After all, their introductory motto is: “To be a hero, we are A.C.E.” Now it all makes sense, right? Ok, I will give Dr. Lee a pass for trying to hospitalize me with this one then.

Will we ever get the in-person fan sign again?!?!?! Even if we are unable to personally get there, there are many wonderful fans to capture moments just the the above.

My hero Dr. Lee’s sweet bedside manner capped off with his warm smiles will always be healing, even when he is body-rolling!


[Image cr. dearmyheaven228]

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