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Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 20

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Oh it’s that time again. Yes, it is time to let Donghun set the mic aside and lace up his dancing shoes. I know I have mentioned (maybe even over-mentioned) the fact that all five members of A.C.E are powerful dancers. I absolutely love watching all five of them in dance mode but will admit to having an extra special soft spot for Donghun. For a boy who just wanted to sing, he certainly proved that he is a man who excels at both. Today’s dance break travels back in time to March of 2020 with the group’s Japanese comeback. I know, I know, I have not even mentioned or talked about A.C.E’s Japanese debut, but I am sure I will have something to say about that at some point during this countdown. As is evident that this countdown is more of a counting toward as opposed to counting back (or down),  it is clear that my sense of time in and of itself is a little out of whack. Anyway, A.C.E released a non-album single, My Lover, for their Japanese comeback, and were most likely preparing for potential in-person fan meets or concerts as they choreographed the song and it was definitely stage ready.

I found a dance practice for My Lover (I LOVE the song, by the way), which of course is a full group practice; however, I can always rely on fans who (like me) tend to have mono vision now and then and edit videos to clear the view and focus on a single subject. Let’s take a look at how well-focused the edit turned out in this video, and if Donghun was successfully singled out.

Was he or she in the room when this dance practice took place because that was a pretty good focused cam. There must be some kind of video editing software out there that I don’t know about that can work this kind of magic! Even though I do not feel the need to provide evidence of Donghun’s dance prowess, I am going to continue to take great pleasure in pointing it out. I am not a professional dancer, nor do I profess to knowing anything technical about dance, but I am going to say this just on gut common sense feeling and that is, in order to be a good dancer I think it requires a strong musicality. When I watch Donghun dance (and I know he works hard), I see his musicality come through and that is a power point for any artist who dances . . . and sings, for that matter.




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