Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 19

I guess I should probably mention that the DH One Shot sub-series will rotate in about every eight days. With 638 days to cover, I have to plan out posts ahead of time so I stay on schedule. The one shots help. They also make for quick and easy Donghun appreciation posts. Today a fan capture.

Giving off those sweet boyfriend vibes, I found this picture hashtagged #동훈 #미소천사, and for once I did not have run it through the translator because my elementary Korean knew exactly what it meant: #Donghun #SmileAngel.

Looks like our smile angel was handing out some candy to the fans. Awwww…sweet. CoffeeGo hard candies are an Indonesian confectionery that actually contain extract from real coffee beans.  Dearest Donghun, why would fans need an added wake-me-up/stimulant when your smile alone is an adequate energizer? Hehe….so cute!


[Image cr. as tagged]

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