Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 18

In the early days both before and after debut, and even up through their 2019 Under Cover Tour, A.C.E took to the streets busking. Out meeting the public, surprising and engaging with their fans, and garnering new Choice converts, A.C.E tirelessly put themselves in public view. It was not busking in the traditional sense however, as in setting up a mic, grabbing a guitar (or other musical instrument) and being impromptu troubadours. No, they were out there out there A.C.E busking in the dance performance sense. Like in Shinjuku, Japan in March 2018.

A.C.E definitely use the art of busking to their advantage. It is another layer of performance they can engage in that gives them exposure and promotion. And from a fan standpoint, it can even be better than a concert. Not just because it is free, but because they can get an opportunity to see the guys up close and, engage with them.

Since A.C.E have busked often, I thought it would make for a nice reoccurring sub-series during this countdown. I probably should have started with something before or right around debut to keep a timeline. But honestly, the only timeline I want to keep here are the days passing to Donghun’s discharge.

Fair enough! Let’s jump then to March 2, 2018 (which, by the way, was just two short days after Donghun’s birthday) to the streets of Shinjuku, Japan with the energetic and powerful Callin’.

!! I love this entire three minutes and twenty seconds but absolutely love how Donghun takes a breather, engages with the crowd, and then falls flawlessly back into the choreography like it was a walk in the park.

Stan talent. Stan A.C.E.


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