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Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 66

Back on Day 17, we had a taste of The Tao of Donghun by way of an A.C.E Diary clip. Donghun imparted some thoughtful wisdom to a fan who was self-doubting her decision to join a dance club after entering university. In his gentle and wise way, Donghun encouraged the fan to continue doing what she loved: dance. Moreover, he reminded her to not let anyone decide her value, her ability, her motivation or dreams except herself. He was so encouraging and knew a thing or two about feeling less than adequate when it comes to dancing because it was something that he himself began to learn late in his idol career. In the segment for today, he takes on the question of how to deal with moments of inactivity, malaise or, as the fan writes, No Fun Period. This one is particularly cute and Donghun again has some thoughtful words of encouragement and wisdom to impart. Let’s have a look and listen.

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Waiting for Donghun ~ Day 17

Content. Seriously, thank goodness groups put in place a variety of content well before we basically all had to go remote. Even with a robust selection of variety programs (on both television and the radio where we can enjoy seeing our favorites in various environments), K-pop groups expand that even further by way of V-Live and YouTube channels where they can create a variety of programming exclusive to themselves. From day-in-the-life vlogs to behind the scenes offerings, A.C.E serves up a variety of enjoyable content which included one of my fave video series of theirs, the A.C.E Diary.

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