Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 12

Let’s agree that what happens at fan meeting/signs, stays at fan meeting/signs. Unless of course there is tangible proof of the mischief that ensues when a group meets with fans to shower them with love and gratitude. And well, they want to make it memorable, right? Even if it gets a little rude, yes? I am not talking offensive rude. No, just the kind of rude that can make a fangirl blush. Sort of like what A.C.E served up at their June 29, 2018 fan sign in Busan, and which is the subject of this Hunnie Cam offering.

Fan meetings and fan signs come in all shapes and sizes and, recently, remotely. In person fan meetings are the crème de la crème (in my opinion) because they offer the opportunity to meet with artists on a more up close and personal level. So much different than a concert. There is usually an autograph session but also, there can be other games and performances mixed in. Case in point: the dance compilation at the Busan fan sign. Of course, this cam is Donghun focused.

I think there was just the right amount of rude in that dance compilation, don’t you? Hehe . . . He may have forced a blush or two. There are still many among us who are not immune to the body roll, or a show of guns. It’s one thing watching it on a cam and something altogether different in person. That said, I know I would take my chances and focus on every move. I like a little danger with my idols and, a fair amount of healthy rude.😜


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