Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 13

I don’t even know where to begin. And, we are too early in this countdown for me to have a breakdown. In and of itself, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s Shallow from the A Star is Born OST is an iconic and memorable track. That is, it leaves its mark. But when your K-pop bias steps in and covers it, it becomes all kinds of next level. Paired with the talented Sonnet, I give you a truly Vocal Magic moment with their cover of Shallow.

I knew Donghun had range but I guess I never really knew how vast that range truly was. Getting the opportunity to focus on him during this countdown is definitely going to reveal many things about him that undoubtedly will be new to me. Honestly, I hope I can keep my feels in check.

[😩 . . already the feels]

I have mentioned that the gravel and edge in Donghun’s voice lends itself well in more rock-oriented songs. In a ballad like Shallow, it really hits different and is a wonderful complement to the tone and clarity of Sonnet’s incredible voice.

If you are not familiar with Sonnet Son (Son Seung Yeon), here’s a cliffs notes bio. Sonnet debuted back in 2012 with her win on Voice of Korea and has been releasing music ever since. She appeared on the music competition show King of Masked Singer garnering eight consecutive wins. You need to go and check out her performance of SHINee’s Sherlock on Masked Singer. It’s just . . . wow.

But for now, how about we revel in the Shallow:

The FEELS are for REALS!!! OMG they sound amazing together. Friends, I am going to confess right now that I have it bad for Lee Donghun. But I will try to keep the feels in check during this countdown (but can’t make any promises..hehe). When I first heard this cover I got goosebumps all over. It has been a long time since a song has affected me in that way.

When Donghun dropped into that low tone harmony on the chorus, my jaw hit the floor. And where has Sonnet been all my life? My goodness this woman can sing! I think Donghun has another collaboration out there with her and I look forward to covering that here as well. In the meantime, definitely look forward to more vocal magic moments with our ace, Donghun.

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