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Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 2

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I decided the first post of substance for this countdown should start with a sub-series I am simply calling Hunnie Cam. I will scour the interwebs for glorious fan cams of Mr. Lee in full performance mode. I think I picked a good one to get the party started by choosing A.C.E’s performance of Do It Like Me from the 200th episode special of SBS MTV’s music show program, The Show.

First of all, bless the steady hand of this fan who capture the eyes of not only Mr. Lee with this cam, but with all of the members of the group. I like to think I am  level-headed, mature and relatively calm. But there is no way I could have been this steady during this performance. As we take this journey counting down the days to Donghun’s discharge, I think you will discover a few things about him. Along with his incredible vocal prowess (if you have been around this blog for a while, you know I have a particular penchant for vocalists), strong dance capabilities, and incredible eye smiles, you will also meet his charisma. I can easily say this of all five members of A.C.E because it’s true, but my focus over these next 21 months will be on Lee Donghun.

Let the charisma parade begin. Donghun in denim and Christian Dior is certainly a nice way to start.

Ok yeah, I guess I should add sometimes rude to that list.😜 Really, if you have not given A.C.E a chance, maybe my journey here can change that. True, I am doing this as I wait for Donghun to complete his military service; but, it is also a way (albeit small) for me to help you get to know him. At the end of the day, I am just a biased fangirl who happens to think Donghun is worth getting to know.


[Image and video cr. @warmboy228]



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