Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 3

The good thing about having completed a countdown series in the past is that it provides a bit of a road map for future endeavors. I like the One Shots because they are quick posts with the simple purpose of sharing a favorite picture or playful gif of our featured military man, Donghun. And, because I was teetering as to whether I should attempt another countdown series, I am a little behind on my planning and a short quick post will keep me on schedule. Today, a One Shot in picture form.

In September 2020, A.C.E released their third EP, HJZM: The Butterfly Phantasy, and with it a bit of a Joseon rocker concept. Here, complete with attitude and some swag, the mixing of traditional Korean clothing and accessories with rock tees and black denim is rather sexy, if I have to be honest. Then, to increase the velocity of spazz on the fangirl meter . . . check that, my fangirl meter, they put Donghun in a top knot. I recall the album teasers were so beautiful they took my breath away. I couldn’t wait to receive the physical copy of the CD because I knew the packaging, photo book and everything about it was going to be aesthetically pleasing and gorgeous. By the looks of the above, you can better believe it was!


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