On My Playlist ~ 도깨비 (Favorite Boys) [A.C.E]

September seems to be gearing up to be quite the comeback month, at least as to those groups and artists on my personal radar. The dance powerhouse quintet, A.C.E is one of those groups. Even though this is the group’s fourth mini album, it is my first A.C.E comeback. The anticipation level was high and when they dropped the title track to their HJZM:The Butterfly Phantasy mini album, I wasn’t  sure if 도깨비 (Favorite Boys), was supposed to shock or seduce me. Confession: it did both.

Honestly, I think the K-pop world underestimates A.C.E. They have all the ingredients, and in abundance. The vocalists can rap, and the rappers can sing. And not just lightweight sub-vocal sing. Every single one of these men can carry a tune, and do so with strength. Next, they are probably five of the most powerful dancers in the industry. Finally, charisma and visuals. Please.

도깨비 (Favorite Boys) really ups the vocal and visuals game. It is another signature power track that has become synonymous with A.C.E when it comes to their title tracks. With the pre-release Stand By You, they showed versatility  in their ability to slow things down, be gentle and romantic. To me that meant one sure thing: the title track would go hard. I was right.

도깨비, or goblin, suggests something mythical and perhaps dangerous (depending on how you view goblins), and in that respect, I imagined something mysterious and dark but had no idea how they were going to bring the ‘goblin’ to life in a music video.

What I found visually spectacular from the teasers that translated even better in the MV, was seeing Junhee, Donghun, Wow, Byeongkwan and Chan exquisitely attired in what can only be described as a blend of vivid Asian textiles and styles with western fashion elements. An explosion of East meets West. Am I in Joseon or am I in LA? I just love it. These goblins came to slay but in a seductive, high fashion, steal-your-heart way.

The clothing transitions between stark white to fiery red truly ignite the screen and the senses. These goblins are definitely our favorite boys: angelic, yet dangerous. Hypnotic and seductive.

The deep Asian themes coupled with explosive choreography truly make this MV and song unforgettable. A powerful comeback indeed.

And, whoever decided to put my bias Donghun in a manggeon . . .


You can check out A.C.E’s HJZM:The Butterfly Phantasy here:


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