The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 721

Can it be? Have we finally reached the final ten days of G.O’s service?! Indeed we have and because I am in a really good mood as a result, I thought we could go back to a little bit of the fun and games had during Episode 15 of Oh! My School/100 points out of 100. Not only did we get some adorable G.O, we got some adorable G.O trying to avoid elimination from the ‘guess my word’ game while singing Wheesung. And that is nothing short of a double bonus.

As much as I love watching and hearing G.O sing, his variety show work is filled with treasurable moments. And true, I am a bit of a variety show snob when it comes to my preferences. I admit to mostly watching those shows that were specific to MBLAQ (Art of Seduction, Idol Army, Hello Baby, Sesame Player, etc.). Nevertheless, I still enjoy watching G.O take part in multi-idol shows such as Oh! My School because we all know he will always bring along his intelligence, wit, charm and talent which gives him so much ammo to entertain.

Oh my . . . G.O’s coy tactics are as powerful as his vocal acuity. I think he was on to Myeong-su from the outset! I think he knew exactly what Myesong-su was looking for and hence diverted to a dance song initially. But what’s this sir about not being good with ballads?! Blasphemy!!!^^ G.O’s coy tactics game is ever strong. Tactics aside, I totally enjoyed that mini song and dance break. A LOT!

If there is one thing I have learned about Scorpios, there is no fooling them. They are simply too sharp.

Even while wearing quirky caps!^^

[Video cr. KBS World]


    • Michele says:

      Hi Janus, I hope all is well! Yes!! Can you believe he is in his final ten days of service?! It is amazing that time has passed this quickly and he is almost finished. Thank you so much for your ongoing love and support of G.O! It seems as if he is as anxious to return to us as we are for him to do so!!^^ Soon!! Take care!!~❤

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