The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 720

I would often tell friends who were going through some difficult times that without the bitter in life, we would not be able to recognize the sweet. That hard times are usually not permanent and that without them, we probably would never appreciate the good ones. Life is an amazing rollercoaster. And, all that is associated with it challenges us, shapes us, and strengthens us. Every facet is vital and zoetic. Ah…you knew I had to be going somewhere with this philosophical rambling. The very basic meaning of the word zoetic is probably most associated with science as it means livingvital and pertaining to life. But when I think of G.O, I think it has a deeper more esoteric meaning. We have reached the final letter in The ABC’s of G.O series at long last where is for Zoetic.

Z is for Zoetic

When I came across the word zoetic, I did not know how I would tie it into this series as a word to describe G.O. Then I found this quirky blog called LaWhimsy that has a series on it entitled Word NerdOh, I found myself a kindred spirit and was especially happy to discover that the word zoetic was a featured word on that series. LaWhimsy took the meaning of zoetic and shaped it so beautifully that I immediately saw G.O in everything written, especially:

For something to be zoetic, it must contain a certain vitality that makes life whole
and contributes to its deeper meaning. I think that zoetic refers to more than just
the bare, basic motions of life, it touches upon the very essence of the living experience.

Ok, I might be stretching it here . . . but to me, G.O’s art, his music, his talent and the passion that burns in him to create and share it contains a certain vitality that makes life whole and contributes to its deeper meaning.

I mean, isn’t that what art should do and specifically, music. It should make us feel and should touch upon the very essence of our living experience. I cannot imagine a world without music. And to be honest, I cannot imagine my world without G.O’s voice.



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