The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 715

Before I gave way to using this sub-category solely to share G.O’s many recent selca updates, I was simply sharing various selcas he had given fans over the years. Recently I mentioned that I decided not to worry so much about his real time updates but to continue in the nostalgic vein this countdown series had been traveling from the outset. A kind of retrospective of G.O. I am therefore deeming today the last G.O Selca Magic day of the countdown and I am labeling it old is gold because more than four years have passed now since he posted the selca I choose to share today. I suppose it is not that old, as old would have been a selca from his days with Tykeys. Yes, I could have traveled back further, but really any selca that has not happened in this very year could conceivably be called old, or at best, older. But old is good. In fact, old is gold.

Old is gold is a familiar proverb that, although short, actually has a very deep meaning. According to Scribd, “the actual meaning of this proverb is that whatever is old is actually valued as gold.” It also says that, we should not consider anything old as a waste. For example, our old memories are golden memories. And since gold is a precious metal, that means anything old is actually quite precious. Therefore, it would not have mattered which old selca I chose for today because each and every one that this wonderful artist of a man has given us would be equally as precious. But I have to say that G.O in a black v-neck t-shirt looking all relaxed and content makes the precious metal detector in my heart chime a little louder.^^


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