The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 716

When isn’t Y a sexy feast to behold? Most always never. It has always been one of MBLAQ’s most provocative songs with an equally intense performance when brought to the stage. So when MBLAQ decided to include it in their performance repertoire at the 4 June 2013 Sexy Beat showcase, I think it pretty much left fans unhinged. Maybe it was all of the black leather and sheer components of their stage wear. Oh my . . . sexy beat certainly lived up to its name. Let’s not hesitate a moment longer and get to the Friday Fan-Camming offering for the day.

Do you realize that after today, there are literally two more Fan-Camming Friday days left to this countdown with one falling on the very last day of G.O’s service?! That particular Friday is also the Lunar New Year. The level of celebration that day is almost making my head explode with anticipation. The momentum is truly building. Therefore, I decided to ramp up things up today because I have a feeling it is going to be next to impossible for me to wrap this countdown up quietly.

I have never held back when discussing G.O’s sexiness. And I am quite sure that I have discussed it here at length whenever I have written about anything remotely connected to the Sexy Beat era. While I will admit that all five members of MBLAQ had some strong sexy game going on during the showcase, G.O’s was extra special potent. I am not sure if it was because of sunglasses, the eclectic hair, the sheer sleeves of his shirt, or the black leather, but his presence on the showcase stage that evening was riveting (well, to me anyway).

I admit to having hit the replay button a few times on that one. But then, there is something about Y that always draws me in. It is aggressive and intense and I am always completely mesmerized watching G.O perform it, whatever the era.


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