The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 714

Well, I knew I would be saying this about many of the sub-categories I have created during this post as we near the end of G.O’s service: This is my last Fan-ART-astic post! I cannot believe that I am literally approaching the final day of this countdown series. I know I have often stated during these past 714 days that the time has gone by quickly and for the most part, it has. But I am not going to deny it, it has been a long, long journey. Still, the time spent writing about this talented and darling young man has been a privilege. It is too early to get all weepy!!! So, let’s have a look at my final Fan-ART-astic offering. I decided to close this sub-category with one of my fave artists, SakuTori. She has drawn G.O often and has drawn him well. Because I saw him for the very first time as Dong Ho in the musical Seopyeonje, it is my SakuTori choice for the day.

Whenever I think back on those April evenings spent watching G.O on the musical stage, I get overwhelmed. It was magical. It was after all my introduction to G.O, his talent, his fan service and his warmth. To say I have not been the same since is an understatement.^^ Celebrating G.O in his award-winning role by way of some exquisite fan art seems a fitting way to close out this category. So then I bow to you SakuTori for capturing the luminous musical actor as only you can from the fine wisps of his hair to the gentle gaze in his beautiful eyes. Always with precision and perfection.


[Image cr. SakuTori]

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