The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 712

Many fans who have been with MBLAQ since debut certainly remember the mini documentary Making The Artist that began airing on GOMTV back on 26 May 2010. As much as I love MBLAQ in full on variety, I also enjoy a more behind the scenes type program that follows their day-to-day activities and in the case of Making The Artist, follow them as they prepared for a comeback with the release of their second mini album Y. By May of 2010, G.O had already MC-ed the M Countdown show for a couple of months and had a strong presence on the airwaves with his many radio program appearances. In my opinion, he was settling in nicely as a host. G.O has a wonderful presence on camera and is equally steady and charming on the radio. With his intelligence, wit and magnetism, I have often felt he would be an amazing host of his own variety or reality show, as well as a formidable disc jockey on the airwaves. Therefore, it is no surprise how comfortable he was talking about the business at hand on the set that day, as well as being the interviewee along with leader Seung Ho during a segment of Making The Artist.

In Episode 2, the men were having photos shot for their second mini album. G.O is adorable and makes me smile with his play-by-play. Enter Seung Ho and then it becomes a question/answer session as the two begin getting interrogated by Lee Joon.

So much cute when G.O becomes coy with responses and begins to playfully mug for the camera. Inasmuch as I am quite sure he was and no doubt remains to this day, the consummate professional on any photo or video shoot set, I have to believe that G.O always provided a sense of levity through it all for both his MBLAQ brothers and the entire production crew. Give this man his own show!

He has all the right stuff to make any of it a smashing success. Of this I am quite sure.^^


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