The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 692

ABCs of G.O V is for Virile

I know it is my extreme bias talking here but if we take a moment to discuss who is likely the most virile member in MBLAQ, G.O definitely holds the title. I mean, you have to agree to some extent that his virility was soundly in place perhaps even prior to his debut with MBLAQ. Am I right? I think maybe G.O was simply born virile. Hence, it is the perfect adjective to describe him as we further our way through the ABC’s of G.O here on the countdown.

V is for Virile

On paper and as found in common English dictionaries across the board, if one is virile (specifically, male) he is best described as having manly strength or vigor; and is masculine in a robust way. And yes, I think these definitions suit G.O because he does possess a masculinity that is robust. But in my opinion, being virile is not exclusive to possessing a strength and vigor that is singularly masculine.

Something or, someone who is virile is strong, powerful, and full of life. And I think this could also apply to G.O in various aspects and not just in terms of his masculinity. His talent, gentle spirit, graciousness, intelligence and humor are all strong, powerful and full of life. To me, that is well-balanced virility.

However, I have to say with great verve and confidence, that in terms of being masculine in a robust way, G.O’s virility is on point, unmistakable and ever-present.

Need more proof?


~٩(ó。ò۶ )))♬~

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