The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 691

I know that when it comes to 낙서 [Scribble], G.O does not have very much vocal time. In fact, he barely has any and often shares vocal time in the song with Seungho. But what he does for the song is give it richness. His voice is the seasoning that flavors and enhances the emotion of the song. In the moments we do get to hear the honey of G.O’s voice, we are once again reminded of his virtuosity and that is why I will always place 낙서 [Scribble] among all other Vocal Virtuosity moments here on the countdown.

가슴에(가슴에 내 가슴)
[In my heart (In my heart, in my heart)]
내 가슴에(가슴에 니가 있음에)
[In my heart (In my heart, in your place)]
빼곡히 그대만 써있는데
[There is only you written]

I love 낙서 [Scribble] even though my bias does not get nearly enough vocal time for my liking. But in all fairness, it is a rap-oriented song on the whole. It goes without saying then that Mir and Cheodung would get more vocal time. I get it. But I still love it from a G.O fan standpoint because there is enough of him in the song to satisfy my discerning ear.

On 25 September 2012, the men of MBLAQ were on stage in Busan at the Busan-dong Science University Festival. On that day it just so happened that Lee Joon was not with them which then allowed G.O to steal a little extra vocal time and how sweet those vocals were.

I do love MBLAQ group efforts, and I always will. But I would be perfectly content hearing the G.O specific parts on a continuous loop. But then, G.O’s graceful and emotional vocals are the ever-present muzak of my heart.



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