The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 688

Today I felt like a fun, frolicking kind of fan-cam for Fan-Camming Friday. Now with the new year in full swing and the days remaining in G.O’s military service growing less and less, I cannot help but keep the mood here lively and uplifted. As you know I joined the fandom late and lost out on experiencing a lot of the interactions MBLAQ had with other groups that had debuted in and around the time they did. Even though I am not well-versed in K-pop history, I think it is safe to say that there was a camaraderie between the groups then that is not nearly as prevalent in the third generation idols of today. But, I could be wrong since I admit that I do not follow nor do I have any interest in the third generation. Fortunately, I can still visit that second gen camaraderie and share a little bit of it today from the Idol Sport Competition of January 2011 featuring our playful main vocal with SHINee’s leader, Onew.

I pull from two cams today to relive the rambunctious fun had during the taping of the Idol Sport Competition on 23 January 2011. The kind of fun that immediately turns into fan service even when there most likely was no conscious effort to make is such. First, a recognizable K-drama-esque moment that any fan would dream of having, especially a G.O fan. I venture to say that Onew was the envy of every G.O fan in attendance that day when G.O playfully and with great strength and dexterity gave SHINee’s leader man a much coveted piggyback ride.

The second moment caught on cam is more cuteness when the maknaes join in the fun.

Fan service comes in all shapes and sizes and is sometimes unsuspecting. In moments like the ones shared today, the artists are often in their own little playful world. And while it is true that they know cameras and cams are pointed at them frequently, it is a benefit to the fan when they lose cognizance of such and just have fun. This was one idol athletic event I would have truly enjoyed attending.

Then again, I would come just to see G.O in that hoody because there are moment when G.O in a hoody becomes a level of fan service all unto itself.

Sans hoodie also . . .

So cute!!!^^


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