The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 689

Sometimes I  like to explore the folder on my computer under G.O pics that is marked ‘Special’ and see what I find. This is a file I created a couple years ago now that has became a treasure chest of pictures I would come across that I thought were particularly special. What I discovered is that there are many sides to G.O’s special when it comes to photos I like. They run the gamut from cute, adorable, dorky, intense, to full on sexy. Today is a full on sexy special.

Yeah, yeah…it might be a tad bit blurry, but I am not complaining. Glistening under the stage lights in mid-song, hand on heart in a black t-shirt that hugs the lines of his shoulders down to his lean waist encompasses every possible aspect of special on this 689th day of service . . . or any day for that matter.


[Image cr. as tagged]

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