The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 680

As I sat down to contemplate the next installment of The ABC’s of G.O, I discovered the letter U to be surprisingly adjective-friendly but am settling on one that is most pertinent given the fact that G.O has been away from the music and entertainment scene for nearly two years now. I have done my very best here over these past 680 days to join in the plight of making and keeping G.O . . . unforgettable.

U is for Unforgettable

The very definition of the word itself describes G.O:

Unforgettable [uhn-fer-getuh-buh l]

Impossible to forget; indelibly impressed on the memory.

Every day since I discovered him, G.O has left his mark in some way upon me. His talent, charisma, graciousness, and kindness indelibly impressed upon my memory and in my heart. Throughout this countdown exercise, I have viewed thousands of pictures. Some have a way of leaving an impression. Whether it be the way he gazed into a camera (or was caught unsuspectingly), to the articles of clothing worn, some pictures are simply unforgettable. I find myself going back to view certain ones frequently. There are many. For the purposes of this post, I choose a series of pictures from two performances back in June 2011 because the white suit G.O wore at both the Samsung and Seoul Sangam World Cup performances etched itself upon my memory. I think it was the perfect balance of black and white from the rich deep color of his hair to the black combat boots upon his feet and everything else in between.

One of my favorite and memorable characteristics about this suit (other than how fantastic G.O looks in it) is the skull and cross-bones embellishment on the back of the jacket. It gives the overall angelic feel of an all white suit a little bad boy edginess. Couple that with G.O’s era softer look and he becomes even more dangerously handsome. But then, dangerously handsome should be his middle name.



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