The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 679

I have a question for you. Do you think you have the patience and stamina to hear me declare how amazing, talented and wonderful G.O is for 52 more days? This countdown series has been a long haul and frankly, I cannot even believe that I have posted something daily now for 679 days (counting this one, of course). As I sat down to write today, I really started to wonder if my friends who have been visiting the blog throughout the countdown have had their fill and/or are bored. I mean it has already been 678 days of me telling you that which you already know, right? But, I hope you will humor me for just a little bit longer as we are literally in the home stretch. Today I give you something simple. Something I want to call Through Fan Eyes which is really nothing groundbreaking or new since the bulk of what I have shared here has been my adoration of G.O as given through various pictures, videos and the like of his fans. I love fan-made videos honoring the beauty and talent of G.O and so I give you a little of that today from the Samsung Display Union Festival back on 6 May 2013.

Fan-made videos are special because they are an homage to the artist. A medium to share pictures or videos of a moment, or moments, and to share their own art and creativity about an artist they love and admire. Fan-made videos are captures of inspiration of what makes an artist special to an individual fan. Something they admire or are moved by so much that they are compelled to create and share. It becomes sort of like a synergistic partnership. The fan creates art from the art of the artist. I like that. I feel in many ways G.O has inspired me to write. His art moves me to want to write about him and to share how he makes me feel.

And, I am certainly not alone. One of G.O’s very recognizable fans, thegopygmalion, has been inspired by him many times to create some videos that are at times haunting and beautiful, edited with care and accompanied by the perfect song choice. Well, that is how I feel about this one anyway.

Indeed, when you have the perfect muse to help create your art, the end result will always spectacular.


[Image cr. as tagged; video cr. thegopygmalion]

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