The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 681

I admit to having bouts of sentimentality, and there have been plenty throughout this countdown. I find myself today reminiscing over G.O’s last stage before he entered the army. It seems as if the culmination of his days of service and the momentum towards completion are filling me with a mixture of both nostalgia and eager anticipation. His last stage was a solo stage and his first stage following discharge may also turn out be a solo stage. See how this renders me simultaneously sentimental and excited?! I will let my nostalgia then carry us back on this Fan-Camming Friday to that last stage in February 2016 [I.Callist Idol Vocal Concert] with G.O’s moving performance of 사랑은 차가운 유혹 [Love Is A Cold Temptation].

It has been nearly two years since that Valentine’s Day night in 2016 and I still feel all of the emotion I felt that night to this day when I re-watch the cams of G.O’s performance. In retrospect, when I look at his song list for that evening, I cannot help but feel there was almost a mini musical going on. You all know how I believe that G.O never sings a song arbitrarily when he has a say in the songs he sings. I think he chose the five songs he sang at the I.Callist show to tell us a story. A story of a man who felt he must embark upon a journey alone, regardless of the love he had been receiving. 사랑은 차가운 유혹 [Love Is A Cold Temptation] contains lyrics that support my belief G.O gave us a mini musical performance that evening:

이별은 때늦은 후회 다시는 만날 수 없어
[This is farewell,  so it is too late to regret. We cannot meet again anymore. . .]

Poetic and heart-wrenching, G.O delivered 사랑은 차가운 유혹 with an ache that was all too real.

Am I the only one who is barely able to breathe when G.O sings? He literally takes my breath away.

Singing this song during his final stage before the military could have absolutely been a sentimental choice as it was the first song G.O sang as a contestant on Immortal Song 2. True. Still, I have to believe there was something more meaningful and deeper going on. But that is simply my sentimental heart talking.

He was so amazing that night and I look forward to the amazing he has yet to bring after completing his service. Fifty days and counting.


[Video cr. G.OBLAQ 87]

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