The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 668

If I had a dime for every time I wrote or called G.O tender, I would be a millionaire. But as it is one of my favorite ways to describe him, I am going to drop another dime in the bank, as it is my choice of adjective for today’s ABC’s of G.O. We are nearing the end of the alphabet which works out rather perfectly seeing how we are running out of days of his service. Yes, soon we will hit the two month remaining mark which means we will also be two months and one week away from his fan meeting. I can no longer explain the excitement because it is getting too big to contain. So to help, I just want us to relax into a visual offering of G.O’s tenderness.

T is for Tender

In my last ABC’s post, I mentioned that G.O wears sexy like he wears clothes: naturally and comfortably. I feel the same about tenderness. When one is tender, he or she is highly susceptible to impressions or emotions and is easily moved to sympathy or compassion. Someone who is tender is often kind. We have all been experiencing G.O’s kindness as of late and especially in these last ten months, these final months leading to his discharge, return and fan meeting. He has been every bit the god of communication he said he would be and he has done it with humor, charm and yes, kindness. Kind and tender. Two descriptive terms that suit G.O completely, at least from what I have experienced.

Today, let’s journey through G.O’s tenderness as seen via the photographic memories captured at the 21 July 2012 Blaq% Tour in Seoul. Let’s get lost in the tender of G.O, shall we?

It is true that a photograph can capture the essence and aura of something or someone. This is especially so when the photograph is captured of the subject unknowingly, a capture of a moment when the subject is unaware and even, unguarded. Indeed G.O is fully cognizant of the fact that cameras are or will be pointed at him at any given time he is performing, making an appearance, or perhaps even grabbing a bite to eat. Moments like those give him time to prepare. But the unscripted moments as it were, the ones where he is unaware of the camera, unsuspecting, lost and vulnerable in song or performance, those are truly magical. During any song and particularly a ballad, there is no truer testament to the unequivocal tenderness that G.O so readily wears with every eyelash flutter and chest grab. Or, as even seen in the gaze of his warm (and tender) eyes as he looks out into the expanse of his audience.


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    • Michele says:

      Hi Timescout! I love random comments that chime admiring a well captured photo of him!^^ He did look absolutely gorgeous at that show but then that is easy for me to say since I find him to be every day gorgeous! But to her credit, that particular fan has taken some exquisite pictures of him to be sure. I aspire to master my camera similarly when I see him again. Photography goals!^^ Thank you for stopping by!~♡

      • Timescout says:

        I do read your posts every now and then, I just generally fail at commenting. 😀 Well, in all honesty what I’ve seen of G.O, it’s hard to take a bad photo of him.

      • Michele says:

        It is somewhat G.O top heavy here, right? Lol! Oh…..I will not argue, the camera loves him a lot!!~😍

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