The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 659

Somewhere and some time ago, it came to pass that a tradition would be born. That tradition was arming G.O with a water gun during the closing song or songs of a MBLAQ live concert show. It would almost seem if something were awry if G.O were to circumvent the course of a stage and stage runway at the close of a show without some kind of water-laced weaponry affectionally dousing his minions. I suppose if I were to research this phenomenon thoroughly I would be able to pinpoint the exact show where he received the first in his arsenal of many water guns. Instead, I am just going to honor his adorable playfulness in picture form for today’s G.O One Shot. And yes, multiple shots.

Ok cool, it’s a Thursday so we can get a little retro here with some throwback shots from the Global Sensation Tour in Seoul, 23 November 2013.


How adorable it too much adorable? Is there a limit when it comes to G.O? I think not.

No matter how many times I fill up the G.O bucket of adorable, he proves to me there is always room for more. In fact, a whole lot more.


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