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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 658

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It is not too late in this countdown game to add a new sub-category, is it? I kind of wish I would have thought of this one sooner, but inspiration arrives when the time is right I suppose. Just a short, but oh-so-sultry moment from the musical theater stage today that I am going to go ahead and place in the newly minted sub-category I am simply calling, G.O Dance Break. There are 73 days remaining until discharge and I actually believe I could conceivably find 73 instances of G.O dancing outside of the purview of set MBLAQ choreography. I am kind of tempted to challenge myself but instead, I will see how many I can get in the countdown before he comes back. Today, a mash up from the Gwanghwamun Sonata musical stage. A mash up? Yes, I will explain.

Of his three musicals, Gwanghwamun Sonata was the only one that required G.O to learn choreography for dance numbers. We all remember the spirited and energetic closing song and dance at curtain call. But there was an actual scene in the musical wherein G.O had to call upon his artistry as a dancer to combine lyrical, interpretative and yes, a little ballroom dance on stage. When I watch this short clip of the scene of his Kang Hyun Woo dancing with co-star, Jang Eunah’s Yeon Joo, I am convinced that G.O is truly a triple threat artist. That is, he can sing, act and dance.

This moment captures the tender and the provocative attraction between Hyun Woo and Yeon Joo:

Oh my goodness . . . in some ways it would seem that this kind of choreography is so far removed from what G.O is accustomed to while performing (because it is!). Yet, he proved that he could effortlessly lead a dance partner with a command that was laced with absolute grace and charm as he glided about the stage. So very smooth. I am sure I am not the only one who got all hearts-in-eyes swoony watching G.O dance in this scene. I know it wasn’t long enough, but was nevertheless a sweet (and yeah, rather sexy) romantic moment for the ill-fated couple.

G.O . . . charisma overload!


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